Do More With Less! Securely Share, Collaborate, Communicate and Organize with these Business Productivity tools designed to help you do more for your small business!

Business Productivity Tools

Fax Over Email's digital faxing solution sends and stores all of your outgoing and incoming faxes in your email account and allows you to organize them into relevant folders. You’ll never have to organize your file cabinet or fuss with paper and ink unless you decide to print your faxes.

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Hosted Microsoft SharePoint

Stay on top of projects and maximize teamwork with the ability to share and control files, utilize online calendars, manage tasks, and develop global contact lists.  You can even open sections of your SharePoint site to be able to share documents and discuss projects with people outside of your organization, such as customers, outside vendors, and consultants.

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Hosted Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft Exchange is a client-based corporate email solution that provides enhanced mobility, active sync and email archiving options to promote business efficiency.

  • Email Archiving: Email Archiving encompasses the ability to offload and retrieve old, long-forgotten emails to free up storage space and improve performance.

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