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Security Solutions

Dedicated SSL Certificates

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is an industry-standard encryption protocol between servers and web browsers that forms the basis of most online e-commerce transactions. An SSL Certificate provides proof that your website is who it says it is.

A Dedicated SSL (one that is registered to your site and your site only) assures your customers that their identity, credit card information and other private data is safe when they make purchases from your online store.  Your Dedicated SSL Certificate provides visual indicators such as a padlock icon and an https web address (the “s” means it’s secure!) so your customers will know you care about protecting their information.



With GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium you’ll receive a Smart Seal for you display on your site to let your customers know their information is being encrypted and cannot be intercepted or altered.



In addition to the protection included with Premium, GeoTrust True BusinessID includes an added layer of security with identification verification.  By bundling encryption with identity verification you’ll reach a whole new level of security for you and your customers


Dedicated IPs

An IP Address identifies your network and serves as your location address.  As a Website Hosting customer, your website uses our shared IP address.  For added security and control, you may want to consider a dedicated IP to ensure your site is the only one using your unique IP address.

per Exchange mailbox

Email Encryption

Secure your business communications by adding Email Encryption on to any Microsoft Exchange Email mailbox.  Email Encryption gives you the ability to set up privacy policies or manually encrypt emails to eliminate the possibility of confidential information being read by anyone other than the intended.    Learn More »

How Do I Get It?

These Security Solutions can be added on to select Microsoft Exchange or Website Hosting plans.

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