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VPS vs Website Hosting FAQs

Sometimes Website Hosting is just what you need, other times it may not be enough. But, how do you know?

What is it?
VPS Hosting Website Hosting
VPS hosting is a virtualization technology that provides a web-accessible hosted virtual machine. Gate.com’s VPS utilizes container-based technology, called Parallels Virtuozzo, which uses a single copy of the operating system (Windows or Linux) among all virtual machines on a physical server (host).  This approach results in very cost-effective virtualization and the defined allocation of resources (CPU, RAM, and storage) with the ability to burst additional resources when available.  You have the ability to install, configure, customize, and administer your own server applications, including several that are bundled with the virtual server.  Virtual Private Servers are often used to host non-resource-intensive applications, such as SMB accounting programs, intranets, and other web-based applications, or to host multiple websites or web applications that require administrative control. Website hosting is also commonly referred to as shared hosting. In this hosting environment, websites are deployed on a space partition in the main server which is shared with other websites. Gate.com’s website hosting plans are cloud-based, meaning that they have similar resource sharing as other virtualization technologies. However, control over resource allocation is much more limited. Plans are developed around set resources, and you must stay within those resource allocations. In addition, there is no root access, only a basic file system. This favors those who prefer simplicity and working out of a web hosting control panel. Websites and web apps can be installed quickly and easily to get a web project off the ground.
Which solution is ideal for me?
VPS Hosting Website Hosting
A few use cases well-suited for VPS:
  • Reselling hosting services (virtual hoster)
  • Web design firms that develop and host multiple sites
  • Domain investor developing properties
  • Low-resource websites and applications
A few use cases well-suited for website hosting:
  • Small to medium business websites
  • Basic blog, forum, or other web applications
  • Template-based websites
  • Price-conscious website hosting
How much does it cost?
VPS Hosting Website Hosting
VPS is billed on a monthly basis based on the resource plan and add-on features you purchase. Each VPS plan offers a minimum set of virtual resources, including memory, disk space, bandwidth and other features.  Some resources and features are available a la carte to add on to your existing plan. Gate.com Website Hosting Plans are billed on a monthly basis depending on the resource plan and optional features you purchase. Each plan offers a minimum set of resources and other features.  Additional features are available a la carte to add on to your existing plan.  Generally, website hosting is at a lower price point than VPS hosting because the costs of the server are shared by all users, allowing providers to charge each user less.
How much Control & Customization will I have?
VPS Hosting – Root Access Website Hosting – Minimal Control
VPS offers more control and administrative access than standard shared hosting.  With root access, you have the ability to install and configure your own applications as desired. However, you are limited as to what you can access and customize with VPS. For example, because you are sharing an operating system instance with others on your physical machine, there are limitations to OS level configuration. With website hosting, multiple websites reside on one box, which limits the features you have control of and how much you can scale them. Some features may be unlimited, but should your requirements exceed your Website Hosting plan’s adaptability, it is recommended to move to VPS to maintain optimal performance of your website(s). With most Website Hosting plans, you can choose your operating system – Windows or Linux – and add on services like MySQL or MS SQL databases. In addition, you can code in the scripting language of your choice, upload and manage files remotely through SSH or FTP, and easily add compatible applications and scripts.
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