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Ever get an answer from support that makes you wonder if you know more about Web hosting than they do? That won't happen at Some of our employees have been with us since the inception of our Web hosting business in 1996! Support Roster

You're serious about your business - we're serious about support. support reps are the most talented in the industry. Our intensive interview process ensures that every agent starts with a solid foundation of technology know-how and customer service experience before formal training even begins. From interview, to training to internal advancement, is committed to developing and maintaining a team of experts that redefine the term "support". 46% of our support staff has worked for Affinity,'s parent company, for more than 2 years. Nearly 25% of our support staff has been with us for over five years.

Ongoing Training

Change is the only constant.
In Web hosting, there are always new technologies, "how-to's", and tricks to learn. With this in mind, we have a Training and Communications Team whose goal is to tap the pockets of new information and share the wealth with our support team. "Subject Matter Experts" are constantly polled for new information to help develop and refine our training program.

Mentoring Program

Keeping employees satisfied, keeping you satisfiedl
Employees are the true foundation of every successful business. We understand this and have created a mentoring program that keeps our frontline employees in touch with our top executives. This program instills a sense of ownership, direction, and pride in employees who, in turn, give it back. A solid career path gives our staff a sense of purpose and direction. Many of our senior technicians and managers began their career as support representatives.

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