Customer Newsletter 2015

5 Reasons SEO Scares the Uninitiated

December 2015The perfect, all-purpose SEO plan simply doesn’t exist, for one thing. Also, getting results from your work requires a good amount of time, and the requisite patience to go with it. You can actually do harm with bad SEO technique – and bad advice is everywhere.

.PRO Domains Now Available to All

November 2015On November 16, .PRO became an unrestricted TLD open to all registrants. It is no longer restricted to certain specified professions, such as lawyers, physicians, engineers, and other licensed professionals.

Website Building Checklist: Support Your Brand

October 2015 A website is an essential piece of the business puzzle, helping a brand connect with its customers and offer potential for the organization. However, building a website that supports its brand is not as easy as one might think.

Why Small Businesses Need Application Hosting

September 2015 Small businesses tend to have one common hurdle to overcome as they grow and develop: the lack of support resources. Many such businesses need an easy solution to help them with time-consuming tasks, and application hosting can answer that call.

Make Visiting Your E-Commerce Site More Tempting Than a Cinnabon

August 2015Harness the temptation factor and apply it to your e-commerce business to stay top-of-mind for consumers. What makes a website so alluring?

Why Use Email Hosting? Benefits and FAQs

July 2015 Email hosting remains a critical part of enterprise communication infrastructure, and businesses are increasingly switching to hosted solutions.

What to Do When Technology Reaches End of Life

June 2015 While end of life for crucial software components can be a challenge, it's something that businesses must address proactively, and as quickly as possible.

How to Support Emerging Consumer Habits

May 2015 Read two takes on how to adjust to the shopping patterns of e-commerce customers, as well as the latest on PCI compliance.

SMX Collaborate – More Than Just Email

April 2015 Now that you're familiar with SiteMail Xchange, see what it can do in its full deployment. SMX Collaborate offers key features designed to help your business be more efficient, productive and professional.

Check Out SiteMail Xchange, Our New Email & Collaboration Tool

March 2015 Check out our upgraded communication solution and its more efficient portal, better-performing platform and improved user experience. Also, see how to save money with technology tax incentives and learn about the danger of deleting viruses.

Mobile Apps Win Out: Mobile-Optimizing Your Website

February 2015Even if your business has a mobile app, don't neglect your mobile site. Learn how to make it as appealing and useful as possible.

VPS: The Sweet Spot Between Shared and Dedicated

January 2015Virtual Private Servers (VPS), a core service from, include the Plesk control panel from Parallels, and are meant for individuals who don’t want the burden of managing their own server also find VPS useful for projects too complex for shared hosting.


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