Customer Newsletter 2014

5 Tips for Aligning Your Marketing and SEO Strategies

December 2014Check out some best practices for coordinating marketing and SEO strategies, along with a comparison of Google Wallet and Apple Pay, and an examination of the role of Googlebot within SEO.


Four Tips For Creating a Successful E-commerce Website

November 2014Read expert tips on how to establish a website that will position your e-commerce brand for success, and check out our checklist for ensuring e-newsletter success.


How Retailers Use Email Marketing

October 2014When it's carried out effectively, email marketing can be an indispensable way to reach out to a company’s consumer base to boost awareness and loyalty to the brand.


Changing the Face of Retail: E-commerce Market on the Rise

September 2014Read about the shift in purchasing methods and how to take advantage of it. Also, learn about the power of domain authority and the need for HIPAA compliance.


Hurricane Season is Here – Are You Ready?

August 2014This month, we discuss disaster preparedness, how to embrace SoMoLo Marketing (Social, Mobile and Local), and how to determine just how much storage space your website needs.


12 Essential Checks Before Launching Your Website

July 2014We offer 12 things you should double-check before showing your website to the world, as well as Three Social Media Management Tools for the Small Business Owner, and Why Registering Multiple Domains Is Good for Your Business.


Four E-Commerce Trends Leveling the Playing Field for SMBs

June 2014SMBs are trying to compete with the big guys online, and in many cases are doing so quite successfully. There are four key trends emerging that are helping those SMBs move to the next level.


Three Tips to Build Conversion Rates and ROI from Email Marketing Campaigns

May 2014Are low-single digit numbers really the best you can do in terms of email marketing conversion rates? Or can you set the bar higher?


10 Ways to Make Your Website Load Faster

April 2014Check out tips on how to keep impatient visitors coming to your site. Also, learn how to handle the end of Exchange 2003 support, and see what the future of domain names looks like.


The Other Holiday Seasons: Is Your Website Ready?

March 2014The next holiday season for online retailers is right around the corner: Mother's Day, Father's Day, and graduations. Let's look at three things you can do to get ready for your next big holiday season.


Celebrate "Clean Out Your Computer Day" like a Professional Geek

February 2014In honor of "Clean Out Your Computer Day," we're walking through the process of squeezing every drop of performance out of your PC. Here are eight helpful tips that can be done in just five minutes or less.


BYOD: Stay Secure While Incorporating Personal Devices

January 2014By 2017, nearly 50% of employers are expected to have a Bring Your Own Device policy in place. But what must those policies say?


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