December 2010

Go Mobile With Microsoft® Exchange

Are you ever anywhere without your cell phone these days? As a business owner, your phone can sometimes feel like your third arm. With Microsoft® Exchange, using your mobile phone to its fullest is even easier. Exchange empowers you and your employees to access your contacts, emails, calendars and more from anywhere you have an Internet connection—making you even more productive. Learn more about Exchange ActiveSync

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Gate Hybrid Exchange

Smarter Email that Saves You Money

Seamlessly combine the latest version of your Web-based SiteMail with Microsoft Exchange for a plan that fits your exact needs. Learn more.

Small Business Tips

Your Web-based Email has just gotten better.

The new SiteMail has :

  • Easier interface that allows your team to access email anywhere at any time with a friendly interface.
  • Enhanced collaboration with shared calendaring and address books through Groupware.
  • Interactive messaging with attached picture, data and multimedia capability.
  • Streamlined Address Book that includes photo thumbnails, easy group contact creation and Vcard support.

To try the new SiteMail, log in to: After you've tried it, let us know what you think of the new SiteMail. has a New Look

We've reworked our look and feel in an effort to make our products easier to find and learn about, so you can make a faster buying decision. Tell us what you think at

Brain Teaser

On average, what percentage of New Year's resolutions are maintained after one month?

a. 28%

b. 64%

c. 31%

d. 73%


B: 64%

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