September 2010

Get Your Website Ready for the Holiday Shopping Season

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The holiday shopping season is coming, and your site needs to look its best. Sometimes small changes are enough to refresh a website design. Color or font changes in particular can have a big impact with little effort. But sometimes you need a full redesign. Here are some reasons that justify a complete redesign:

• Poor navigation or site structure

• Major changes in your business or industry

• Fixing problems that lose visitors or money

Read our Web Resources article Time for a Redesign? to learn more. If the reasons above don't apply to your website, but you're bored with its look, try tweaking the color, copy or images to freshen it up.

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Design Your Website in a few Clicks

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You Spoke, We Listened

We appreciate you taking the time to answer our customer survey in April, as it gave us the opportunity to learn how we can serve you better. Since then, we launched a customer experience council to address specific concerns you raised. Here's what they've been up to:

• Added free GigaMail, for emailing large files, to every Web hosting account

• Launched technical support via online chat

• Created new channels for collecting customer feedback

• Currently streamlining Webmail, our Web-based email client

• Developing a team of customer service representatives dedicated to proactively identifying and resolving customer issues

• Adding advanced tools to help agents work faster to fix customers' problems

We'll be looking to you for more feedback in the months and years to come. Please keep the great ideas coming!

Small Business Tips

If you spend too much time on the phone answering simple questions, maybe your website can help. Try adding an FAQ page or a video demonstration to your site, and customers may find their answers there rather than calling you. Read Ten Ways to Make Your Web Site Answer Customer Phone Calls for more ideas.

Brain Teaser

Which of the following is not a transaction tracking service that broadcasts users’ purchases to the community?

a. Blippy

b. Shopply

c. Swipely


B: Shopply

Blippy and Swipely are social websites that offer people the chance to reveal their credit card purchases to the community automatically. Blippy displays prices with purchases, but Swipely displays purchases without prices.

See previous brain teasers.

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