June 2010


Is Google Indexing Your Site?

Want customers to find you when they Google? Make certain Google is indexing your site. It's easy to do and free. Go to Google's Webmaster Tools and sign up for a free Google account. When you add your website's address to your account, it will tell you if Google can access your site. If you're not indexed, it will show you how to fix it.

By the way, there may be pages you don't want Google to index. Check out our Web Resources article "Hands Off, Google!


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Small Business Tips

What's all this about HTML5? Certainly a hot topic on the blogs of late. Fueled even further by Steve Jobs forecasting the demise of Flash and Google's recent "Flash-less" Pac-Man. If you've been looking for a solid explanation of HTML5, how it could impact you and its timeline, check out our new Web Resources Article: Introduction to HTML5.

Brain Teaser...

In May, Google posted a Java Script (not Flash!) version of Pac-Man on its main search page to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the video game. Which is not one of the Pac-Man ghosts?

a. Inky

b. Blinky

c. Pinky

d. Clyde

e. Sue


e. Sue is not a Pac-Man ghost. But double click on "Insert Coin" in Google Pac-Man, and you can play a version with Ms. Pac-Man. In the Ms. Pac-Man version of the game, the orange ghost is named Sue, not Clyde.

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