Customer Newsletter 2010

Go Mobile With Microsoft ® Exchange

December 2010 — With Microsoft® Exchange, using your mobile phone to its fullest is even easier. Exchange empowers you and your employees to access your contacts, emails, calendars and more from anywhere you have an Internet connection—making you even more productive.

Safe Shopping on the Web with SSL Certificates

November 2010 — If you're planning to offer your website visitors the option to buy on your site, you need an SSL certificate. Most Web hosting plans come with a shared SSL but it might make sense for you to upgrade to a dedicated SSL. Learn the basics on SSLs and how they can help improve your site's security.

Does Your Website Have Design Mistakes?

October 2010 — A poorly designed website can be worse than no website at all. Even with a small budget, there are some design rules that when followed, give your website a professional appearance. Learn how to avoid some common design pitfalls.

Get Your Website Ready for the Holiday Shopping Season

September 2010 — The holiday shopping season is coming, and your site needs to look its best. Sometimes small changes are enough to refresh a website design. But sometimes you need a full redesign. Learn the reasons that justify a complete redesign.

Make Sure Every Keyword Counts

August 2010 — Do you know that where you place your keywords affects your Google rankings, too? Read this month's newsletter for the four most important places for your keywords.

Twitter and Facebook Are Popular, but Can’t Replace Email Marketing

July 2010 — It's tempting to stop emailing your customers once you've launched a social media strategy for your business. But email has advantages over Facebook and Twitter.

Is Google Indexing Your Site?

June 2010 — Want customers to find you when they Google? Make certain Google is indexing your site. It's easy to do and free. Find out how you can get your entire Web site indexed by reading this month’s newsletter.

Google & You... Ongoing Tips to Get Noticed Online

May 2010 — What do spiders read? If they're Google spiders, we know they read press releases, or at least they're on the alert for those fresh press releases that are linking into your site. Find out how you can use press releases to help your Google Ranking.

Can you name Google's top search word?

April 2010 — Continually updating your copy with your keywords is a great idea as Google's search spiders are drawn to fresh content. Read this month's newsletter to find out what the number one most searched keyword is on Google.

Is Google Testing Your Site's Speed?

March 2010 — Google's officially tight-lipped about Caffeine's factors and their relative weights, but they keep saying they want a faster Internet. So if speed's more important, what should you do?

Use Social Media to Drive Sales

February 2010 — Can social media help your business? Yes! Hundreds of millions of consumers already tap the Big Three (Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn). Find out how you can use it to drive sales to your business.

Get Your Site Ready for 2010!

January 2010 — Harness the power of the Web to ramp up sales in 2010! No time like New Year's to make marketing resolutions for the upcoming year. Read a couple great to-do's for that list.

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