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 November 2009

Do our plans cover website check-ups? Absolutely! All our Web hosting plans include analytics to help you evaluate your site's health. Smart marketers regularly request reports to learn which pages are most popular with customers and identify roadblocks in the sales path. Forget pulse, blood pressure and cholesterol. Read our  article on the Five Numbers to Check Each Week.

Interested in upgrading to the robust reporting of Google's Urchin Analytics 5? It's a great way to capture valuable insights on your visitors. Plus, Hostway makes it easy to implement with experts who handle installation and configuration.  Sign into your Client Login to upgrade today.

Ho! Ho! Ho!  Merry Meta Tags!

Don't count on Santa to bring you new customers. Clean up your meta tags to drive more clicks to your website. The meta description tag for each page contains the copy visitors see on the search engine results page.  It doesn't affect your search engine ranking, but it could convince customers to click your link if it's well written.

It's easy to find your meta tag description (and your competition's!)  Just type in a URL, right-click the Web page and click View Source. In the code look for the words that follow <meta name="description" content= in the header.

Update your meta tags in the program you used to create your website, so you can get more traffic, especially this holiday season.

Special Feature: $50 free ad credit

Attract more qualified customers on Ask Sponsored Listings.  With 100+ sites in their network, you'll reach over 73 million unique users including many that you won't find on Google, Yahoo or Bing — for a fraction of the price!

Through a special partnership with Hostway, Ask.com will give you a $50 free ad credit when you open a new account with $50.  Double your advertising budget — get started today!   

Bookmark This!
Internet Archive's Wayback Machine

Maybe you remember what your competition promoted last year, but what about that great idea they had two years ago? Or trying to remember what content you had on your own site a few years back? 

Step back in time and visit archived versions of websites with Internet Archive's free Wayback Machine.  Just type in a URL, select a date range, and begin surfing on an archived version of the Web.   

 Click here to access the Wayback Machine.


Gate Community

quoteThe life science equipment we sell is state-of-the-art, and our website has to be also.  Reliability is critical, and you've really delivered for us." 

Howard Richardson

Ask the Expert

To Blog or Not To Blog... Wondering if a blog would boost sales? Check out our article in Web resources on How a Blog Can Seriously Help Your Business.

Brain Teaser

The name Google was chosen to represent the immense amount of material indexed by the search engine.  It comes from the word "googol" which is the number 1 followed by how many zeros?

a. 10 zeros

b. 100 zeros

c. 1,000 zeros

d. 1,000,000 zeros


b. A googol is the number 10 to the 100th power or the number 1 followed by 100 zeros.

See previous Brain Teasers.

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