August 2009

Should %%$url%% care about Bing? Yes! While Bing trails its dominant rival Google, Microsoft's new search engine, launched early summer amid a barrage of advertising, is actually doing rather well. According to, Bing's June count of unique visitors (49.6 million) beat that of both (28.6 million) and (23 million). 

So, if customers are using Bing to search online, make sure that Bing can find your site!  Click here to submit your site to Bing. It's easy to do, just enter your Web address and click "submit."  And, just like that, you're in the system.

The Power of Your Email Signature

So Obvious...but Don't overlook it

What appears below your name on your emails? In one study, the Georgia Institute of Technology observed a site where 35% of visitors were brought to the site via the signature files on email messages they received. So add your website address!

Customized signature files are a feature of most email programs (even free ones). Look under "options." Be sure to include "http://" before your Web address so a link will be created for people receiving plain text emails.


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Monitor Your Competition's traffic

Interested in what kind of traffic your competition's site is getting? just might have that answer for you.  For no charge, you can enter multiple Web addresses and compare visits and unique visitor count, over various time periods. Also helpful is the subdomain information provided.  It's always good to know if your competition's got a subdomain or page with content that's hot and getting great traffic. News you can use!  

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quote Setting up the service was simple and the technical support team was excellent."

Steve Rubin

Brain Teaser

 In 1969, the first email message was sent via ARPANET, the Defense Department's predecessor to to today's Internet. What was the one-word message?

a. Hello

b. Testing

c. Login




c. Login. The "L" and the "o" transmitted without a problem, but then the system crashed. They successfully sent the full word, login, about an hour later.

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