July 2009

Help customers find your business online by giving Googlebots directions to your website. Googlebots (a.k.a. spiders) are always crawling websites, finding keywords and indexing pages. If your website is on the Internet, they will eventually find and index it, so it will be included in Google's search results for your keywords. But sometimes spiders miss a page. To make sure your entire site is indexed, create an XML site map and submit it directly to the search engines it's like a GPS device leading spiders to every page of your website. You can then be certain your site is indexed, and you may even get a better ranking in the results. 

Need help in developing a site map? No problem. Go to www.xml-sitemaps.com. In four easy steps you can create one and submit it to Google. All for free! For more information on site maps, check out our online video.

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If your business expands, your hosting needs may change. No need to go through the nosebleed of switching hosting providers. We're ready to handle your growth.

Our VPS plans are perfect when you're outgrowing our shared plans but aren't quite ready for our dedicated server plans.  VPS is like an entry-level dedicated server with root access that allows you to host multiple sites and run the server applications you choose.  To learn more click here.


Bookmark This! Xenu Link Sleuth

quick and easy Check for Broken links

Your website can create your first impression with customers. Broken links are like big food stains on your shirt. Not professional. To banish broken links, you have to find them first. Check out Xenu. It runs link verification on 'normal' text links plus images, frames, scripts, applets and more. Best of all, it's free! (We just love great tools that are free.) 

  Learn more.


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quote Once we added up the numbers and considered our needs, your plans made the most sense."

Reid Rossman

Ask the Expert

Speaking of site maps, want to see an example we like?  Click here to see one we think is well organized and helps search engines find all the site's pages.

Brain Teaser

 In 2003 Harvard shut down a sophomore's site which placed fellow students' photos side by side and asked visitors to choose the hotter person.  What was the creator's next site? 

a. MySpace

b. Facebook

c. LinkedIn

d. Hot or Not


b. Facebook.  The shuttered site was known as Facemash.

See previous Brain Teasers.

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