Customer Newsletter 2009

Create Your Own Newsletter … for Free!

December 2009 — Did you know your Web hosting plan now includes a free eNewsletter tool? It's true! No special software. No design skills needed. Find out how in three easy steps you can create professional, custom newsletters to reach customers and help grow your sales.

Website Check-up Time

November 2009 — Do our plans cover website check-ups? Absolutely! All our Web hosting plans include analytics to help you evaluate your site’s health. Smart marketers regularly request reports to learn which pages are most popular with customers and identify roadblocks in the sales path. Forget pulse, blood pressure and cholesterol. Find out how to measure your website’s success.

Can Customers Find You on Google Maps?

October 2009 — Google Maps is hot! Nearly 60 million people used Google Maps in August 2009 (up from nearly 40 million a year ago.) If your customers are using Google Maps to find businesses, make sure your business is listed on the site.

Your Website Is More Important than Ever

September 2009 — Is your website ready for when customers start buying again? If you haven’t updated your website or even launched one yet, you’ll want to move that to the top of your to-do list. The recession has taught consumers to surf the Web looking for deals, and a recent survey shows they plan to continue this behavior even after the economy rebounds.

Make Your Website Pop on Bing!

August 2009 — Make sure your entire website is indexed by Google—create an XML site map. We’ll show you how.

Give Googlebots Directions to Your Site

July 2009 — Make sure your entire website is indexed by Google—create an XML site map. We’ll show you how.

Is Google Indexing Your Site?

June 2009 — Want customers to find you when they Google? First things first: Make certain that Google is indexing your site. It’s easy to check. And free.

Top Three Ways to Monetize Your Website

May 2009 — You’ve built a website, and you’re getting a decent amount of traffic. Now it’s time to make some money!

Think Links! To Power Up Customer Traffic and Boost Search Engine Ranking

April 2009 — Google, Yahoo, MSN...they’re all looking to see who’s linking to your site.

Website Report Card: What’s Hot and What’s Not with Customers Visiting Your Site

March 2009 — You wouldn’t hire a sales agent and not track his/her performance. But that’s exactly what you’re doing if you’re not tracking your website analytics. Learn how to keep tabs on your website performance so you can create a site that really sells.

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