Gate Hybrid Exchange

Expand Your Exchange

If the all-or-nothing approach to Microsoft® Exchange hosting doesn’t fit your business needs or budget,’s Hybrid Exchange Email platform may be the solution. Maybe you only need advanced mobility and security features for the CEO and a few select remote employees, but regular (less-expensive) Company Branded Email accounts provide enough functionality for everyone else…  
It’s no problem with Hybrid Exchange Email. uses a hybrid routing server to unify Exchange and Company Branded email accounts under a single domain name. All plans are automatically enabled on the platform, so there are no extra fees for using Hybrid Exchange Email. You only pay for the Exchange Email accounts you need plus a low-flat fee for up to 50 additional Company Branded Email accounts.  You can easily manage and administer all of your accounts from a single, user-friendly control panel.  Now that’s perfection!

Hybrid Exchange Solution

Features Microsoft Exchange Email SiteMail Xchange Email
Exchange Collaboration and Sharing Included
Exchange Mobility (ActiveSync) Included
Webmail Access Outlook Web Access Included
BlackBerry Enterprise Optional
Mailbox Storage Starts at 25 GB Starts at 2 GB
McAfee Spam Filtering Included
CleanMail Spam Filter Included
IMAP Included Included
MAPI Included
POP/SMTP Included Included

How Do I Get It?

All Website Hosting, Company Branded Email and Microsoft Exchange Email plans are automatically enabled to provide Hybrid Exchange Email.  Simply add any new email accounts through the control panel.

“Still one of the best deals around.” Richard Best /