Keep Your Personal Information Private with WhoisProtector

You’re smart enough not to hand over your personal information to strangers, so why post it on the Internet where anyone can see it? Add WhoisProtector Ultra or WhoisProtector Lite to your domain name to keep your name, address, phone number and other identifying information out of the public Whois database.

WhoisProtector Ultra $9.95/yr

WhoisProtector UltraGet the highest level of protection with WhoisProtector Ultra. We'll replace all of your identifying information in the Whois database with ours to completely protect your privacy. You retain complete control over your domain name.

WhoisProtector Lite $4.95/yr

WhoisProtector UltraTo secure your personal information, but allow some form of direct contact, add WhoisProtector Lite to your domain name. We'll replace your most personal information with ours in the Whois database, but leave in your email address for contact purposes.
As you know, the Whois database is designed to give law enforcement and attorneys the ability to locate domain name owners to protect intellectual property and ensure domain name owners abide by the rules. We'll make sure you receive any urgent communications regarding your domain. Your important letters (especially those that appear to be of a legal nature) will be separated from the junk mail and forwarded to you by

Choose the level of protection that's best for your domain name and order today!

How Do I Get It?

WhoisProtector can be added on to any plan in the control panel

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