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.PRO Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a .pro domain name?
A .pro domain name is the first and only restricted top-level domain exclusively for professionals. It is a domain indicating professionalism and credibility, and includes authentication and verification. .pro domains are now available to all professionals, regardless of industry, country or organization. Any business can register. As long as you have a business license, you are likely to be eligible to register a .pro domain. For more information on eligibility, please click here
Why do I need a .pro domain name?
What is the process for registering a .pro domain?
Is .pro available in my country?
Will I be eligible to register a .pro domain?
Can a .pro registrant be a professional organization instead of an individual professional?
What information will be required from me to register my domain?
Will my professional credentials be subject to review?
I received a notification from the Registry that my professional eligibility information did not pass their test. What do I need to do?
Will I need to do anything else after I register and submit my professional information?
What is the minimum character restriction for.pro domains?
Why are my domains inactive?
How long do I have to complete my professional eligibility information?
I am changing my professional eligibility information or organization. Am I required to resubmit my professional eligibility information?
What is the A/V data?
Why are my domain modifications taking so long?
I’m a new registrant, and registered multiple domains in the same order. Why are none of my domains active? Why are my domains deleted?
I previously registered a .pro domain, and ordered another .pro domain using the same professional of the first .pro domain. Why are none of my domains active? Why are my domains deleted?
I previously registered a second-level .pro domain. Do I have to resubmit the professional eligibility information again?
I am using one professional for my multi-domain order. Do I have to resubmit my AV data for each domain?
Can I submit multiple domains in an order and use multiple professionals?

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