offers add-ons to help you manage and protect your domain names.

Included with all domain registrations, DomainGuard protects the following features:

  • DNS settings
  • Nameserver changes
  • Subdirectory changes
  • URL forwarding settings
  • Domain name aliases
  • Whois contact information
  • Domain lock status
  • Domain authorization code

Maintain Complete Control

You can temporarily disable the service and re-enable DomainGuard any time you need to. It also lets you customize which settings are protected. So, for example, your Web designer has access to build your website, but cannot change your nameserver or DNS settings.

Protect your domain name and assign access levels for critical settings by ordering DomainGuard today.

WhoisProtector Lite Only have your email address visible in the public Whois database, while keeping your name, address and phone number out of the public record.
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WhoisProtector UltraKeep all of your personal contact information private in the Whois database by replacing it with's.
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