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Registering a domain name provides an online address to serve as your “home base” for all of your email, web presence, online marketing, and e-commerce activities.

Included with Your Domain:

  1. Your online address (www.yourdomain.com)
  2. Domain Guard.  Protect your domain name and assign access levels for critical settings by activating Domain Guard in your control panel. For example, give your web designer permission to build and edit your website, but maintain complete control over your nameserver or DNS settings.  Domain Guard protects the following features:

    DNS settings

    Nameserver changes

    Subdirectory changes

    URL forwarding settings

    Domain name aliases

    Whois contact information

    Domain lock status

    Domain authorization code

    ** To activate this free service, visit the control panel and add Domain Guard. **

  3. Web-based Control Panel.  Simple control panel manages all aspects of your domain name registration.  You can also access tips and advice via your online control panel.
  4. 24x 7 Toll Free Support. Our experts are here to help you register and manage your domain name, provide tips and guidance or answer any questions you may have.
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