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Your Very Own Server. Up and Running
Fast, without Breaking the Bank.

While shared hosting has its benefits, many workloads require a dedicated environment – with full control over system resources, without having to share the server with other clients.

Gate.com makes it possible to purchase a dedicated managed server for an unbelievably low price. On top of that, you can be up and running faster than you ever thought possible.



You’ll be up and running
in < 4 hours!



Economically priced configurations
starting at only $99 help maximize ROI


Run the config of your choice,
with no noisy neighbor effect
– in an environment
optimized for performance.

Dell Server Configurations
Available in CentOS Linux or Windows
  Small Medium Large
Processor Quad Core 2 x Quad Core 2 x HEX Core 
Memory 8G RAM 16G RAM 32G RAM
Storage 2 x 300GB SAS or 2 x 500GB SATA 4 x 300GB SAS or 4 x 1 TB SATA 6 x 300 GB SAS or 6 x 2 TB RAID 5 
Price $99 $149 $399

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