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When you purchase a hosting account, you are essentially acquiring three things: systems, network connectivity, and facilities. It doesn’t take a failure to bring your site down either; it only takes one or two active websites to monopolize the resources of a server and bring the other thousands of sites to a crawl, unless the websites in question are hosted by

We pioneered server clustering technology and remain the industry leader.
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Our network takes capacity, redundancy and performance to the extremes.
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Our data centers are the Fort Knox of Web hosting.
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Perhaps the best part about our technology is that it goes completely unnoticed. In fact, you’d never guess we’d gone to these lengths if we didn’t tell you. Your account looks and functions like any "normal" hosting account. Although our technology is advanced, you don't have to be an expert to master it (that’s our job). It simply works, and it’s there when you need it.

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