Even the most fault-tolerance network and system infrastructure can be foiled by a physical security breach, power outage, or natural disaster - unless, of course, the systems in question are in a Gate.com data center.

Our facility has been designed around a single objective: to protect your data. We think of our data centers as the Fort Knox of Web hosting. Each have multiple layers of defense against a variety of threats: fire, flood, power failure, physical intrusion - you name it, we're prepared.

Our FM200 system will detect the presence of a fire in the early stages of combustion, and automatically discharge an oxygen-robbing gas with hurricane force velocity. This gas suffocates the fire, but is harmless to computer equipment and humans (although we don’t recommend hanging out in the data center after a discharge). Fire suppression is more important than you might think, more than one hosting company has lost substantial amounts of customer data due to fire related events.

Our data centers actually run off battery power all of the time, not just during a power outage. The batteries feed the data center, and are simultaneously recharged by the power grid by redundant control units. In the event of a loss of power, there is no cut-over delay, the batteries simply continue powering the facility. Our generator kicks in within milliseconds, and resumes recharging the batteries, taking the place of the power grid. The result? Completely un-interrupted service.

Physical Security
Data is valuable, and even high tech intruders will resort to low-tech methods to obtain or destroy it. For this reason, physical access to our infrastructure is protected by multiple layers of security. Access to the outer building is limited by access card, while access to the data center is limited to key personnel and controlled by both access card and biometrics. All entry and exit points are under 24x7 surveillance.

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